About us

Alt-EX Time Critical Ltd. founded in 2012 and based on 100% local capital.

We are operating in Northern Europe’s three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our company runs it’s own offices in Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania).

Alt-EX Time Critical is managed by a team of professionals with a large background in Time Critical and Express Logistics, Dangerous Goods handling classifying and packing. We are offering our customers tailor-made solutions in this field.

Since March 2015 Alt-EX Time Critical joined IATAs MULTIRATIRAL E-AIRWAYBILL AGREEMENT. We are fully equipped to use e-Freight solutions for our customers, being able to transmit Airwaybills in e-AWB format. We are offering our customers all benefits in using e-Freight and other modern logistic possibilities.