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Identifying, classifying, marking, labeling and documentation of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods must be packed in packaging of good quality, which must be constructed and so closed as to prevent leak­age in normal condition of air transport.


We provide necessary materials for the Dangerous Goods to be packed in packaging of good quality for air transport. Most classes/divisions of dangerous goods are divided into three packing groups depending on the relative degree of danger they represent: I high danger, II medium danger and III low danger. This impacts the packing method and packaging specifications.

In addition to this there are more requirements we handle for:

  • UN Specification Packages
  • “Limited Quantity” Packages
  • Refrigerated Liquefied Gas (Division 2.2)
  • Carbon Dioxide, Solid (Dry Ice)
  • Overpacks


We use and share our knowledge to help our customers achieve their targets or to comply with all kind of rules and regulations related to Dangerous Goods. Classification, Packaging, Re-packaging and Labeling of Dangerous Goods.

Most Dangerous Goods require packaging according to the UN/IATA rules and regulations. We have sufficient knowledge and supplies to classify and pack most of your shipments and return them to you ready for carriage.

Our knowledge permits us to prepare all kind of transport documentation for Dangerous Goods.


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